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Portrait shots in black and white for coffee blending house.

Portraits for Annual report.

It seems like ages since I did a shoot in the studio. I’ve spent ages out and about shooting people and places, so having to shoot “things” made a pleasant change. Our client wanted a series of shots to illustrate their strands of business. So demon designer Mark Starbuck and I paid a visit to the clients premises to have a look round and come up with some ideas. Having scouted around, we came up with the idea of shooting some “graphic” pieces. I really like the simplicity of the shots and coupled with Starbs handywork the finished results looked pretty good I must say!!

I’ve been working on some portraits this last few days for a foundation that has road safety as its cause. The foundation highlights accidents among young car drivers and its pre Christmas campaign is an attempt to help reduce the harrowing figures

The brief was to shoot 8 portraits to use in a regional ad campaign ….each one is to represent a person actually involved in one of the fatalities. Having taken time understanding the brief and its message, we got down to some casting…thanks here to Nicci Topping…..and eventually ended up with a series of images that seem very powerful. The hard hitting message is helped by the expressionless faces.